Timber Sash and Case Windows

“A bright future to match its glorious history”

The Sash window, with its subtle proportions and elegance, was one of the most important visual elements in buildings of the 18th and 19th Centuries.

By Victorian times it was the most popular form of window, and with the growth of a more enlightened attitude towards conservation and growing appreciation of the craftsmanship and design that went into everyday buildings of those centuries, the sash window once more enjoys a revival.

People appreciate its aesthetic and functional contribution to the house, and they are now restoring and reinstating windows that were removed in less enlightened days.

A Quality Redwood Sash & Case window which is carefully manufactured to emulate the window that is being replaced – down to the moulding detail of the astragals and sashes, which are always matched to the original to give the authenticity required by the various Planning Authorities and Conservation Area policies found in Britain today.

This window, in any of its many guises, is a true “fit and forget” item which will give many years of unparalleled service.

Fitting service by quality time served Joiners ensures a perfect finish.

10 Year Guarantee on workmanship and a 30 Year Guarantee against rot and decay.

The traditional window can be single or double glazed with a 12mm cavity and 4mm Low emission double glazed units.

  • Full Brassware or Polished Chrome fittings
  • Top eye
  • Pulleys
  • Weekes stop child restrictor
  • Middle key locking catch
  • Ring lifts and ‘Simplex’ easy clean swing-in hinge system.
  • Lead weights and nylon sash cords. (Spiral balances not allowed in Conservation areas)
Full (Single glazing) or Plant-on astragal (Double glazing) details again moulded to match the originals and fully draught-proofed at sash counter checks, heads, stiles and bottom rail.

Alba Glass & Glazing is a company committed to the preservation of timber stocks world-wide and insists on suppliers providing materials from readily sustainable sources.

Email: albaglass@btconnect.com

Features & Benefits:

Most frames are supplied with lockable casement stays on open Flat Roof Windows.

Beading cut to size is included with most windows and helps to make glazing installation easier. Energy is saved by using double glazing and weatherstrips on all opening sashes.

Finishing Options
Windows can be ordered in the following finishes:

  • Honey coloured base stain for on site finishing
  • Prime finish for on site finishing
  • High build factory finish in one of 16 finishes, fully applied to all hidden areas and rebates
  • Oak windows are always supplied with a high quality clear lacquer finishing colours
*This finish is only available in Solid Oak